Whip of Pleasure 10" Urethral Sounds

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Whips are generally scary when we were younger, but now whips are often celebrated, embraced, and accepted as one of the most popular fetishes around the globe. That includes our very own Whip of Pleasure Urethral Sounds.

This whip that measures 10 inches long, have the power to offer an orgasmic experience you’ve never tried before. A feeling that will leave you breathless, stunned, and ultimately hooked to the sensation. It’s to spice up your alone time with our urethral sounds.

Repeatedly doing the same routine gets taxing, whether you may be sharing it with a partner or doing it solo with your trusted right hand. If you don’t switch up your game, then it will not only burn you out, but your relationship with your significant other gets affected as well. It’s time to bring out the big guns. Or in this case, it’s time to bring out the big whips!

We’ve made this from quality materials to ensure the longevity of these urethral sounds. These sounds are the result of three combined high-grade materials; stainless steel, medical plastic tube, and silicone. We want nothing but the best of experience for you and your partner.

Our urethral sounds are ideal for intermediate and advanced users. If you don’t feel like going for our 9-inch whip of pleasure, you can always upgrade intensity to a whopping ten inch.

Cleaning our urethral sounds only takes up to a couple of minutes to do so. Simply cleanse it with soapy water or alcohol, wipe it dry with a cloth and it’s good to go. Place it in a cool dry place for next use.

Experience the electrifying strokes within your urethra, hit that "Add to Cart" button now, just thank us later!

Color Silver, Black and transparent
Style Ribbed metal part design with a medical plastic tube and silicon rings
Material Stainless Steel, Medical plastic tube, and Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 10 in
Width 0.23 in; 0.35 in.
Instructions for Cleaning Use alcohol or warm soapy water before and after use, use with water-based lubricant