5-Bead E-Stim Stainless Steel Anal Plug

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  • Shaped in 5 rounded beads, smooth, mild and exciting.
  • Refreshing E-stimulation, 4 modes for an exciting anal adventure.
  • Adjustable speed of current pulses, enjoy at your own pace.
  • Mirror-like surface, smoothly enter without scratching the delicate private areas.
  • 45-inch connecting wire, fully immerse yourself into the electric current without the trouble of distance limitation.
  • Stainless steel material, safe to human body, long service life.



Benefiting from the excellent conductivity of stainless steel, this E-stim teaser is able to quickly conduct current throughout the toy itself to stimulate those sensitive parts it touches. Mode-switching of current games can be easily accessed through a wired remote control that matches the toy. A total of 4 electric shock modes are there for you to push out your limits along the fascinating backdoor adventure. More than that, from itching to muscle spasms, you are in fully control of the E-stimulation pace you're gonna to apply with the help of the Speed-Adjusting button. Perfect for fans at any levels of anal game. In addition to acting on backdoor, it can also serve your gluttonous pussy. The perfect assistant for self-entertainment! Or, you can use it as an auxiliary tool to improve the happiness index of couples' sexual life. 45-inch connecting wire is enough to help you get a hearty couple revelry. Your partner's strong dick is messing up deep in your vagina, while the nearby asshole is also suffering from the 5-bead teaser, plus the trembling current conducted to your whole body... The joy that seems unbearable but makes people fall into it! You must try it!


Length: 5.5”

Width: 1.1 x 1”

Length of connecting wire: 45.1"

Weight: 0.38 lb

Material: stainless steel


Package included:
1 x anal plug

1 x remote control