12-Frequency Vibration Tongue-Licking Heating Anal Plug Prostate Stimulator

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  • Roller with dense tiny tongues teasingly licks the balls and groin area.
  • 12m wireless remote control, to explore the flirtation of couples.
  • 12 vibration + tongue licking mode,  new pleasure challenge.
  • Built-in heating element, embrace the fiery backdoor happiness.
  • USB charging, reusable for long-term happiness.



Anal play is always better with a little warm-up. This toy carefully takes it into consideration. The built-in heating element ensures that it quickly heats itself up to match your body temperature so that you will get a more physically and mentally happy solo play. The roller with dense tiny tongues is another highlight of it. Start the toy by the button on the remote, the rotation of the roller pushes the tip of the tongue to stimulate your testicles in turn, while taking care of the sensitive perineum which is easily overlooked. While the tongue works magic outside, the second stimulating element, a gourd-shaped inner stimulator will be playing a great role in rubbing the prostate. The two pleasure points inside and outside have a total of 12 operating modes, controlled by the wireless remote. Get ready for a new pleasure challenge!


Product size: 4.9 x 5.1 x 1.2”

Width of remote: 1.8”

Weight: 0.36 lb

Material: ABS+silicone


Package included:
1 x prostate stimulator

1 x remote

1 x charging cable